Cinderella Gown- Skirt

This post will be about the skirt and the waist and sleeve poofs.

For the skirt I didn’t have enough fabric handy to make a full petticoat like I wanted too so I made do with making an underskirt out of a rather stiff sheet like white fabric.

I used a rectangle which was 4 yards long and 42 inches wide, the width depends on how long you want the skirt to be.

After cutting out the rectangle one of the long edges was gathered down to 25 inches (my waist measurement).


Gathering it down this much took five runs through the sewing machine, I would have done it by hand but due to how thick and stiff the fabric was I was afraid that my thread would simply break the second I pulled on it, so machine gathering it was.
I don’t have a gathering foot so I controlled the gathers by pushing the fabric under the regular foot as I sewed.



I did the same thing to create the blue overskirt for the gown, 4 yards long 42 inches wide, gathered down to 25 inches.


Here is how it looks after sewing the bodice to the skirt (please excuse the messiness).
I hand sewed the bodice to the skirt because the fabric layers had gotten too thick for my sewing machine to handle.

The last thing to do was make the waist and sleeve poofs.

I found some lighter blue fabric scraps that I used, for the waist I cut out 2 rectangles and gather three of the edges.

Then I pinned them onto the dress while it was on my sewing form

I hand sewed these on using a whip stitch, I also tacked them down to the skirt towards the bottom of each poof so they would stay in the proper place.

I used the same fabric for the sleeves, to create the sturdy ‘poof’ needed I filled each sleeve with 2 layers of tulle that was gathered on each end.

I cut out two long strips of the light blue fabric, about 2″ x 7″ I believe.
Each edge got gathered.


The tulle was inserted into the little pocket created by the gathers in the blue fabric.


This then got hand sewed onto the straps of the bodice.

Then the Cinderella dress was finished!
When I have the time and fabric I intend to sew a floor length petticoat to give the dress the ‘ballgown’ silhouette.

(the shoes are silver glitter glued onto black pumps then sealed)


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