Cinderella Gown- Bodice

A couple weekends ago I had the misfortune of a head cold, so being unable to focus on school I decided to sew something, only I had no idea what.  Rummaging through my multiple fabric tubs I came across this lovely light blue knit/chiffon type fabric that I hadn’t used yet in fear of cutting into it and completely messing up and not being able to use the fabric.

Now I had my fabric but what to make with it? Well the obvious answer to that is something Disney. Cinderella’s blue ballgown to be exact.


I sewed the entire dress from scratch in one and a half days, working almost non-stop.

The first thing I did was create a pattern for the bodice

IMG_8062 IMG_8063

After draping some scrap fabrics over my dress form I cut out my pieces out of paper and added seam allowance.


A cut out a mockup bodice from more scrap fabric to test out the fit and to make any needed adjustments to the pattern.


The bodice fit like a glove and I moved on to putting together the lining pieces.


I used plaid flannel because A. it is incredibly soft, and B. funky linings make any garment 10x better.

After sewing the lining together I created boning channels with twill ribbon sewed onto each seam in the lining.


Before sewing the ribbon on I pressed each seam either open or to one side to reduce bulk. For boning I didn’t want to wait and order proper boning so I used two heavy duty zip ties in each channel, they work surprisingly well.

Next the bodice was again cut out, this time in the blue fashion fabric.

 I sewed together all the pieces and was left with a plaid bodice with boning and a blue one without.
To sew them together I simply attached them right sides together and sewed all the way around, leaving the bottom open to insert the boning.

IMG_8069(I did go back through and press all the seams open)

My next post will be all about making the skirt along with the waist and sleeve poofs!

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